Results don't happen by coincidence

You create them through the efforts of finding great people
who are committed to working together as a team.

Brian Sparacino

A.K.A. "The Coach"

Paula Kwon

A.K.A. "The Financier"

Raluca Andreea Avacaritei

A.K.A. "The Operator"

Sumeet Lakhaney

A.K.A. "The Cloud"

Zoraida Geres

A.K.A. "The Humanitarian"

Ben Johnson

A.K.A. "The Rainmaker"

Iolanda Fosca

A.K.A. "The Socialite"

Troy Gallo

A.K.A. "The Creator"

Grace Russell

A.K.A. "The Great Communicator"

Dustin Klein

A.K.A. ""

Alex Morrison

A.K.A. "The Analyst"